Atmosphere mirrors are open edition and can change seasonally or yearly. They used to be called prêt a apporter and were inspired by ready to wear fashion as a means to make visual art more accessible to more people. We use luxury branding as a suggestion to think about art differently, in a way that allows and incentivizes some art to be closer to mass production rather than precious couture. Most art today is like couture: hand made with labour intensive production as unique works or small editions. 100 years ago the fashion world was like the art world, only couture was real fashion and it took visionaries like Yves St. Laurent and Halston to invent ready to wear and begin the journey of bringing fashion to the people. Atmosphere explores what those ideas could look like if applied to the art world.

We are also too early. The art market (ie. money) is dominant and the barriers to entry are not just economic, there are social (status) and informational (art history) barriers too. Most people aren't conversant enough with art history to navigate quality independent of gate keeping authority figures like large museums and galleries. The artists within the system must play along and those outside are not acknowledged. For this reason some of our work is open edition (for accessiblity) but not actually mass produced. Think of it more like a model for what an art practice could look like. The proof of this is that we change our brand names occasionally bec