e11_ is a pseudonymous art collective. We collaborate with a wide variety of individuals and organizations, including an art historian (author of two books), a member of a legendary New York ballroom house and a Parisian fashion label.

e11_collective's thesis is that visual art is beneficial and useful to both individuals and our society, and therefore, it is reasonable that some high quality art could be produced in a way that is less exclusionary. We experiment with ways to make art that is more accessible without sacrificing facets like complexity and art historical context.

Due to our unconventional approach to the traditional art market, we consider ourselves outsiders. However, our collectors consist of individuals who are deeply immersed in the art world. Owners of our work include respected authors and journalists, globally famous DJs and musicians, an og hip-hop legend, esteemed artists and designers, well-known actors and directors, accomplished athletes, renowned art collections, international banks, entrepreneurs, hedge funds, family offices and European royalty.

What truly distinguishes us is that some of our work is accessible enough to be owned by the many rather than the few. The same artwork collected by a world-famous rock star with platinum record sales also enriches the walls of young people in their first apartment. E11 collectors also include teachers, students, restaurant employees and construction workers. This breadth of inclusivity is very rare in the traditional art world.

The global art market is so entwined with physical art that it often distorts and overshadows the meaning of the work. This is why artists have often been somewhat sceptical of, or even against the art market.

"Prices at a gallery signal the status of the dealer, the reputation of the artist, and the status of the intended purchaser, in that order."

Don Thompson, The Supermodel
and the Brillo Box

Our work subverts this longstanding art world structure. We are not suggesting every artist produce some of their work more accessibly but if many of the best ones did we believe it would be a net improvement for the planet.

Exhibitions, installations, collaborations and interactive performances include Paris (LVMH le Bon Marché, Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, colette, Galerie Perrotin), St. Barthes (Eden Rock), London, Milan, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Beirut, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Austin, Miami, Mexico City (Galeria OMR), Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo (Restir).